Island Rose Billy Lucille (aka Lucy)

Island Rose Billy Lucille (REG #9505) is a 15.2hh purebred Canadian mare born May 6, 2001. Her full pedigree can be found on the CLRC website.

As our first horse, and our first Canadian, Lucy holds a special place in our hearts. She came home not long after her first birthday. The barn was just under construction and, as is typical of so many Canadians, our little Lucy wanted to help. Nothing phased her - nail guns, saws, drills, powr hammers. We had to build temporary fences to keep her away from the construction zone, just to keep her safe. Plus the little "hey what ya doing" nuzzle that often came while using the saw was causing too many bad cuts. Today, Lucy still knows that barn was built for her!

Lucy is a more traditional Canadian; she is a large bodied, strong horse with an excellent, ground-covering trot. She is built to pull a carriage . . . or perhaps a train car! As with many Canadians, Lucy struggled to find balance in her canter so it took quite some time for her to get comfortable in that gait. She is also a typical "bomb proof" Canadian; nothing really phases her. She also taught countless kids to ride, somehow knowing that the little need extra special care.


Evergreen Gyco Montanna - The Big Guy

 Evergreen Gyco Montanna (REG #9772) is a 16.3hh purebred Canadian gelding born May 20, 2002. His full pedigree can be found on the CLRC website.  

Montanna came to us not long before his first birthday. He was a very playful and mischievous boy that has grown into a lovely horse with an immense amount of "try." Standing 16.3hh he is big for a Canadian, and is often mistaken for a Friesian or Friesian-cross.

Montanna is a competitive dressage horse, with a show record we can all be proud of. He is also happy going through the trails and playing soccer; one year he even did some mounted swordplay. He was a founding member of the Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society's (CHHAPS) Quadrille Team. 


Evergreen Gyco Rhapsody (aka Razzy)

Evergreen Gyco Rhapsody (REG #11622), aka Razzy, is a 15.3hh purebred Canadian mare born May 17, 2005. Her full pedigree can be found on the CLRC website.

Rhapsody came to us in the summer of 2006, not long after her first birthday. She joined her full brother - our gelding Montanna - and the two remain the only full siblings out of GAUDALI BLACK GYCO (REG #7335) and LE BARONET YUKON HEIDI (REG #7452). Rhapsody is a bit more of a "loner" than the others, though she definitely loves her people! Razzy is also the jumper of the bunch. She has amazing form and just a natural ability to sail over the jumps. She has a finer frame than our other mare, Lucy and, like her brother, has a naturally balanced canter. 

Razzy recently became a 3-day eventer and is doing brilliant! She gets to show of her beautiful form during dressage but it is the cross country, and stadium where she shines. She is brave enough to attack the big jumps with sure-footedness Canadians are known for.  


Heritage Merit Daenerys (aka Dani)

Heritage Merit Daenerys (REG #14268) is the first foal born to Heritage Canadians. She is out of our mare Rhapsody; her sire is Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit. Her full pedigree can be found on the CLRC website

Given she was our first foal, countless hours have been wasted playing with Daenerys. She is incredibly affectionate and, like a true Canadian, loves people. She comes running when anyone comes over, rightly assuming they will snuggle and scratch. She is growing up to be a stunning mare and is the princess of our two fillies. 


Heritage Fonzie Echo

 Heritage Fonzie Echo (REG #14407) is our second foal. She is out of our mare Lucy; her sire is South Forty Prince Fonzie. Her full pedigree can be found on the CLRC website

As a typical Canadian, Echo loves people; at a very early age she learned people bring scratches, "smooches," and cookies. She and Daenerys are best buddies, but Echo is definiltey the tom boy.


Evergreen Harlequin (aka Harley)

Harlequin is a Registered Purebred American Paint Horse, Registered Pinto, and Registered Canadian Sport Horse, making her our only non-Canadian horse. We bought Harley on a whim after our search for a Canadian of riding age was unsuccessful. By Canadian Sport Horse Champion champion, Tah Wack WI II, Harley may have had the potential to be a competitive horse, but Barry was perfectly happy to saunter through the many local trails. She's the matriarch of the herd, always concerned with where everyone is and keeping steady watch